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Overview of Fresh Amla

Amla is the greatest boon to the humanity and one of the effective traditional herbal medicines, which had been used to treat and manage diseases since the ancient times. Hardly any people are unaware about its importance and significance as it is associated with multiple health and medicinal benefits. Indian Gooseberry is the reservoir of minerals, vitamins and other bio-chemical substances. To some extent, it is bitter in taste but the ayurvedic marvel can be used in many forms such as eaten raw, juice, chutneys, pickles, Murabbas, and used with other recipes using its powder.

Top facts about Amla

Top benefits of Amla

Alma for hair:

Amla for glowing skin:

Amla to burn fat:

Amla for eyes:

Amla prevents many eye related problems such as cataract, nearsightedness, intra-ocular, vision improvement, etc. The presence of vitamin A and carotene overcomes many problems related with eyes.

Prevents cough and cold:

The mix of fresh Alma juice (2tbsp) and honey (2tbsp), if taken daily, helps to eradicate the problems of cough and cold.

Cure mouth ulcer:

It helps to cure mouth ulcer if it gargles along with water. The mixture should be Amla juice (2tbsp) and half glass of water.

Control diabetes:

The regular consumption of its juice (2-3 tbsp) daily helps to lower the level of sugar in blood thus controls diabetes. Amla stimulates the pancreas Islet of langerhans which further regulate the suitable secretion of insulin hormone.