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The youths who are under poverty line and who are unemployed are working in our company. We are so proud to say that, we are living under a tree named as "Mesha Paradise" where we are living as a joint family in discriminate of caste, creed or religion in our Country; we are extending our business relationship about our company. Our ambition is to extend our business relationship throughout the world. We are so firm to work under the proverb "Be on Time, Quality, Price, and Smile". Our duty and aim is to introduce so many new goods and items in the market.

Due to our innovative craft materials, quality, honesty, punctuality, we are having a good relationship with western countries U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland so and so.

We are family telling you that our goods will be a challenging thing to work exporters because of our price, quality and good finished product.